Breast Lift (Mastopexy) / Reduction

The breast is made of three components: glands to make milk, fatty tissue, and connective tissue to hold everything together. Every woman has different percentages of each component and these affect the shape and feel to the breasts. The more fatty tissue, the softer the breast. Women with dense breasts have less fat and more glandular tissue. The connective tissue is what gives each breast its shape. With ageing, every woman‘s breast becomes more fatty and the connective tissue relaxes, which explains why they become more saggy and loose their shape. Sometimes however, women are naturally born this way

About the procedure

A breast lift (aka Mastopexy) is a procedure that rejuvenates the breast in multiple ways. The nipples are raised to a more youthful position. The areolas (the darker skin around the nipples) can be reduced. Sagging breast tissue is removed (reduction mammoplasty). Excess skin is removed thus tightening the lower pole of the breast. However, this procedure does have some limitations. The cleavage and upper pole of the breast does not change and therefore, the whole breast cannot be lifted, the only way to restore upper pole fullness is with a breast implant. See more details of this procedure by visiting our Breast Augmentation / Mastopexy page.

What to expect during a Breast Lift consultation

During your consultation for a mastopexy, you will initially meet with a medical assistant who will review the paperwork you fill out containing a full medical history. This is important information that will be used to determine whether you are a good operative candidate. Next, you will be able to discuss your observations and goals with Dr. Cocco, who will in turn give you an honest opinion and help you understand your options. This initial meeting should treated as a two-way interview. It is just as important that you agree and understand the recommendations given to you, as Dr. Cocco must feel she understands your expectations and is confident she can help you achieve your goals. Once a full understanding between doctor and patient is reached, a proposal will be generated and the decision to proceed with surgery will be made jointly.

Breast Lift / Mastopexy Case #1

This 40-year-old mother of 6, with BMI of 24, is shown before and after breast reduction/lift. The patient wanted a breast lift and was not interested in using breast implants. She also wanted improvement in the differences between her breasts after breast feeding.

Breast Lift/Reduction Case #2

51-year-old mother of two with BMI of 32 is shown before and after breast reduction/lift. This procedure relieved her neck pain and chronic rashes under her breasts from constant moisture. Patient desired a significant reduction in size.

Breast Lift/Reduction Case #3

This 39-year-old mother of two with BMI of 38 is shown before and after breast reduction/lift. This procedure relieved her chronic upper back & neck pain and helped reduce pressure from her bra straps at her shoulders. Patient desired much smaller breasts with perkier nipples.

Breast Lift/Reduction Case #4

This 49-year-old mother of three with BMI of 34 is shown before and after breast reduction/lift. This procedure removed excess breast tissue and relieved her chronic upper back & neck pain. It also helped her be more symmetric in size and helped reduce pressure from her bra straps at her shoulders.

What to expect after setting a surgery date

Details of the surgical process, such as instructions before and after surgery, informed consent, surgery center requirements and financial obligations will be fully discussed days to weeks before surgery. As a patient, we want you to feel positive about your upcoming surgery, including being comfortable with your surgeon and confident of your decision to move forward

What to expect after Mastopexy surgery

Everybody heals differently. Rest assured, the aftercare will be personally directed by Dr. Cocco. There will be a series of postoperative appointments scheduled for the following year and it is important that you follow all instructions for optimal healing. Even though the results will be immediately appreciated, it takes time for bruising and swelling to subside and the process of scaring in the tissues and skin to fully mature. Sometimes special bras or garments are used to help guide the way the tissues heal. We are happy to walk you through the process and look forward to meeting you in consultation.

To find out if you are a candidate for this procedure, contact our office to make an appointment to be evaluated in person and given a professional opinion.

Dr. Cocco | Jennyfer Cocco, MD

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